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About Us

Enera is a management consulting company specialized in the field of healthcare. In our offices in Istanbul, Ankara and Riyadh; we employ dynamic teams comprised of highly skilled consultants and industry experts. Combining our exceptional human resource with a global network, we exclusively work on prestigious international projects in the MENA, South Asia and EU regions.

As strategic advisors to governments in various countries, Enera has engaged in the design of strategic frameworks, development of healthcare delivery models, creation of communication strategies, development of action plans, implementation of capacity planning studies, and supervision of health transformation initiatives.

Enera also provides consultancy services to the private sector for investment and international business development projects in various industries, including healthcare, construction, energy and transportation. We have helped numerous companies in their efforts to enter foreign markets or grow their international business by providing strategy development, market research, feasibility study, operational improvement, event organization, lead generation, marketing & sales, and network management services.

Some facts about us

15 Team Members
30+ Projects Completed
5 International Jobs

Our services

Enera offers excellency in the following fields of expertise:

Health Systems Consultancy

Enera provides strategic advice and consulting services to central governments, local authorities, service providers and investors in the field of healthcare.

We take active role in the design of strategic frameworks, development of business cases and action plans, implementation of needs assessment and feasibility studies, creation of marketing materials, assessment of human resources, and monitoring/management of healthcare projects.

We have excellent human resources, an exceptional network, international experience, and know-how from the globally acclaimed Health Transformation Program of Turkey (HTP).

Cosmeceutical and Herbal Medicine R&D

Enera has been engaged in a number of product development projects for cosmeceutical and herbal medicine products.

Our R&D team comprises PhD level biotechnology experts, senior pharmacists, and consultants with international experience.

Our R&D services include getting involved in long-term projects as well as contributing at critical stages of business activities on enquiry.

Consultancy for Investment and International Business Development

Enera provides consulting services to investors and international trade companies through various stages of their business development and management activities.

We have assisted numerous companies in their efforts to enter foreign markets (especially Turkey and the KSA) or grow their international business, by providing market research, strategy development, event organization, lead generation, marketing & sales, and network management services.

Health Systems Consultancy

Enera offers a comprehensive range of consulting services to decision makers, healthcare providers and investors in public and private domains

Strategic Framework Design

Enera assists governments in designing comprehensive strategic frameworks for their overall health transformation programs or specific initiatives.

We also help public and private healthcare providers in shaping their strategies for engaging in public private partnerships (PPP) and any other new types of business activities.

Our services related to strategy design involve analyzing context and healthcare sector, framing mission and vision, setting high level goals, determining strategic objectives, discovering enablers and critical success factors, conducting SWOT analysis, and aligning initiatives with each other and with other policies and stakeholders.

Business Case Development

Enera develops business cases for various kinds of healthcare initiatives and projects. Our work always starts with intensive fieldwork, through which we identify the major problems and their root causes under real life conditions.

After the fieldwork and additional secondary research, utilizing the experience from global best practices, we create tailor-made operational, financial and contractual models; determine scope of services; outline critical key performance indicators (KPI); and develop mitigation strategies against major risks.

Furthermore, we prepare the created models for transaction execution by addressing financial, economic, social and commercial consequences, identifying monitoring mechanisms, and justifying large-scale applicability.

Action Planning

Enera designs action plans that serve as roadmaps for the implementation of healthcare policies and projects.

We use a pragmatic and structured approach to action planning, which considers current and estimated future trends of the healthcare sector.

Our action plans identify priorities and low hanging fruits; outline implementation targets and determine responsible parties; provide expected durations and timing of key phases; set major milestones; offer high level design of initial actions, such as needs assessment and pilot studies; sequence capacity planning and investment stages; and develop exit strategies.

Needs Assessment and Feasibility Studies

Enera has extensive experience in the assessment of realistic needs of inhabitants for certain healthcare services in a catchment area. Through detailed on-site primary data collection and systematic analysis of information on demand, supply, resources and local factors; our needs assessment studies help governments in accessing accurate data, optimizing capacity plans, preventing redundant investment or shortage in services, restructuring healthcare zones, and achieving effective tenders.

The outcomes of our needs assessment studies include detailed facility evaluations and scoring, demand forecasts, gap analyses, dynamic databases, Web-based dashboards, and healthcare service maps.

Additionally, we conduct feasibility studies for healthcare investors and operators via calculating costs of investment, estimating cash flows, preparing P&L scenarios, evaluating additional revenue channels, etc.

Marketing and Stakeholder Management

Enera continues to work with clients during marketing and implementation stages, after the completion of strategic and practical planning of healthcare initiatives and projects. We take active role in the preparation of marketing materials, and we support governments, public institutions and companies in using these materials to effectively introduce new projects/services/products and convey key messages to the public, potential partners and other stakeholders.

We also provide change management consultancy, which involves identification of potential challenges for existing personnel; developing change management strategies at both individual and organizational levels; and providing change management training to executives; managers and project leaders in collaboration with our solution partners.

HR Assessment

Enera is a distributor and solution partner of HR Diagnostics, who is the market leader of online HR assessment systems in Germany. Through our brand ProfoundHR, we offer test bundles that are capable of simultaneously assessing personalities and cognitive abilities of various job groups, such as blue collar workers, administrative personnel, sales people, white collar professionals, and managers.

Our recently innovated assessment system, namely Recruitment 4.0, provides a unique tool for recruitment and repositioning processes by making it possible to evaluate the fit between an employee and various different job positions.

Our partnership with Turkish Universities allows us to design and implement practical training programs for healthcare personnel.




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