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About Us

Enera is a management consulting company specialized in the field of healthcare. In our offices in Istanbul, Ankara and London; we employ dynamic teams comprised of highly skilled consultants and industry experts. Combining our exceptional human resource with a global network, we exclusively work on prestigious international projects in the MENA, South Asia and EU regions.

As strategic advisors to governments in various countries, Enera has engaged in the design of strategic frameworks, development of healthcare delivery models, creation of communication strategies, development of action plans, implementation of capacity planning studies, and supervision of health transformation initiatives.

Enera also provides consultancy services to the private sector for investment and international business development projects in various industries, including healthcare, construction, energy and transportation. We have helped numerous companies in their efforts to enter foreign markets or grow their international business by providing strategy development, market research, feasibility study, operational improvement, event organization, lead generation, marketing & sales, and network management services.

Our Chairman's Message

Achieving a real transformation is difficult. I have encountered numerous challenges during my professional experiences as a medical doctor, academician, politician, and businessperson. Financial limitations, resistant stakeholders, insufficient human resources and deficient know-how are among countless obstacles that may hinder change efforts in any organization or system. But achieving a real transformation is also possible. I have led or witnessed successful reforms, those carried out by committed teams that utilize suitable methodologies and effective strategies.

At Enera, we always aim to provide real value added to our clients. From small-scale planning projects for private companies to managing nation-wide health system programs, our wide spectrum of transformational work always involves development of tailored and practical advice. It is our job to strive for perfection, and we march towards this goal with a team of experts that have plenty of hands-on experience.

The sectoral focus of Enera is on healthcare because we acknowledge health as one of the most fundamental human rights. During my tenure as a health minister for more than a decade, my colleagues and I managed to achieve Universal Health Coverage in Türkiye, by significantly improving access to high-quality services, while ensuring financial protection. I strongly believe that such successful outcomes can be achieved in other countries as well, and thus we continue supporting public and private organizations internationally in the pursuit of excellence in healthcare.

Prof. Dr. Recep Akdağ

Our services

Enera offers excellency in the following fields of expertise:

Health Systems Consultancy

Enera provides strategic advice and consulting services to central governments, local authorities, service providers and investors in the field of healthcare.

We take active role in the design of strategic frameworks, development of business cases and action plans, implementation of needs assessment and feasibility studies, creation of marketing materials, assessment of human resources, and monitoring/management of healthcare projects.

We have excellent human resources, an exceptional network, international experience, and know-how from the globally acclaimed Health Transformation Program of Turkey (HTP).

Consultancy for Investment and International Business Development

Enera provides consulting services to investors and international trade companies through various stages of their business development and management activities.

We have assisted numerous companies in their efforts to enter foreign markets (especially Turkey and the KSA) or grow their international business, by providing market research, strategy development, event organization, lead generation, marketing & sales, and network management services.

Health Systems Consultancy

Enera offers a comprehensive range of consulting services to decision makers, healthcare providers and investors in public and private domains



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  • UK Address: 239-241 Kennington Lane, SE11 5QU, London, UK

  • Phone: +90 216 353 8049

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